Welcome to Chin’s Martial Arts Academy

New Classes!

As we enter the next millenium, we should remember that All Martial Artists Are Brothers and Sisters. Hopefully, the friendship and enthusiasm for Chinese Martial Arts will continue for another century.

The time has long past for guarding techniques… our door is open. Enter to join the Next Generation.

Adapting traditional principles for modern times

Chin’s Martial Arts Academy is set in a family-friendly environment, where the students range from 9 to 50+ years old. The academy’s programs focus on the discipline of the following traditional Chinese Martial Arts:

  • Northern Shaolin Long Fist
  • Swai Jiao (also Shuai-chiao, Shuai-jiao), with emphasis on close quarter combat for Self-Defense (Dze Hwei Shu) and Police Tactics (Dai
    Bu Shu)

Our primary focus is developing the Next Generation of Instructors to perpetuate Northern Shaolin Long Fist and Chinese Swai Jiao Kung Fu as
traditional Chinese Martial Arts; and adapt their self-defense principles for modern times. More

NEW Location and Schedule

Shaolin Kung Fu
329 Great East Neck Rd.
West Babylon, NY 11704
2:30pm to 4:00pm
(718) 734-8789

Join Our Kung Fu Family


A screening process is used for limiting class size (25 people) to personalize training and for safety.